Cocine is


Going beyond is what moves us: beyond the frontiers of cuisine and beyond in it, in a gesture that bonds the extension of the disciplineʼs boundaries with the transit towards interdisciplinarity. We are moved to think and produce integration, of cuisine and culture, of nourishment and art, in a transcendent process, of interaction with the environment -guided by heteroreference


From fire to refrigeration, an evolutive dance arises between the way to transform and the way to consume our food. Nevertheless, we see deficiencies in the world of cuisine in the areas of research, development, transference and diffusion of technologies – especially those linked to information. Because itʼs more than a mean, we opt for innovation in its application, that drives the development, promotion and sustainable exploitation of that wealth that is cuisine


To communicate is the driving-force, without it movement is impossible. Tying bonds, building nets, attracting players to produce transcendence. In the interconnected world of real virtuality, communication becomes an end in itself, one of the goals for the new ways of working with cuisine. Because we want to do things with words and images, we bet for new communicational platforms at the service of cuisine.


Cuisine as art is the ideology, cuisine as wealth is the bet. Because we believe that cuisine is an essential part of identity, of whatʼs mine and ours; but it also is the other, what escapes total control and absolute dominance. Each step in the process of nourishment disseminates a multitude of significations, core axes of what we call “culture”. We are for the respect of organic, for the rescue of tradition, for the poetic of culinary creation, for the culture to emerge.


The nature of the processes that cross and are crossed by cuisine ties it inevitably with the greek concept of episteme: cuisine is also a knowledge, a science supported by a method, conceived from experience. “Continue exploring” must be one of its continuous imperatives, innovating in its methods, exploring motives yet in the dark, seeking truth in and out of its boundaries.


The leitmotiv of CoCine is to attain conscience and action: of the signification of cuisine, of its trace in our identity, of the vital role it plays, both in the physiological and spiritual existence. One of CoCineʼs way of transitivity is the
high social impact diffusion of the acquired, collected and constructed knowledge, in order to contribute to the development of better human beings.

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